What is being an NFU Mutual Insurance Sales Agent/ NFU Group Secretary all about?

NFU Mutual and the NFU have a long and successful history together and still enjoy a strong, symbiotic relationship today. The NFU’s role, as the primary trade association for farmers and growers in England and Wales, is to represent the interests of our members and to champion British farming. NFU Mutual is the country’s leading rural insurer, and so much else besides. Thanks to our agents and their staff, we’ve become part of the fabric of rural life. This means that we know what’s important to our members and we continue to provide them with the customer focused service and cover they need, at a fair price and with a first-class personal service. Our values lie at the heart of both the NFU and NFU Mutual, which is how we’ve built an enviable reputation for exceptional member loyalty.

Rural champions - the role of an NFU Mutual Insurance Sales Agent / NFU Group Secretary

Our agents identify and recommend the best products and policies for local members. It is the personal touch which makes them so special. This is a dual role, which also involves being the representative of the NFU and its local members, known as the Group Secretary – a unique role where you have the opportunity to make a real difference to the farming industry in the local area. The local Group Secretary provides assistance to NFU members on a range of issues, looks to recruit new members to keep the organization as the strongest lobbying voice in the industry, and gets involved in local events. They combine their duties as an agent and Group Secretary to make a real difference to the local farming community all the while identifying and capitalising on opportunities for new business.

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Agent/ Group Secretary Success factors

We have undertaken extensive research to find out what success looks like, by interviewing over 140 Agents and their staff from different agencies across the UK.

Five qualities that make a great NFU Mutual Agent/ NFU Group Secretary:

  1. You’ll need to be driven and ambitious. As a self-employed agent and an employed NFU Group Secretary, you’ll be constantly seeking out new opportunities to improve the way you work and develop new business opportunities to sell the NFU Mutual’s award winning range of products and the NFU’s range of membership services.
  2. You have strong values and beliefs. Taking the time to do things right for our customers is crucial. And so is upholding and championing them in everything you do, being a key member of the local farming community
  3. Entrepreneurialism is key. It’s up to you to maximise the value gained from all the people and resources within your agency and to build on your agricultural knowledge to assist our farming members with their day to day business challenges.
  4. Planning is essential. Strategic in your thinking, you’ll have a clear vision for your agency and your local membership – for growth, values and behaviour.
  5. The right attitude is everything. You’ll need to embrace change and adapt quickly to changing circumstances by accepting new ideas – and making them happen. There are great resources behind you to help!

The unique nature of the agent role is difficult to put into words so let some people who already do the job tell you what they think makes a good agent and NFU Group Secretary by clicking on the image below:

So if you think that you have got what it takes to be an NFU Mutual Agent/NFU Group Secretary, head to the careers site to find out more: www.nfumutual-agencies.co.uk

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