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Based in the UK, our client is a well-recognised and respected national organisation.

Our client is one of the most trusted names in Agriculture and their customer centricity ensures their offer is respected and appreciated by the farming community. This ethos is supported by an operational and support team, numbering hundreds, and a logistics/warehousing network which facilitates high levels of stock availability and the quickest, most efficient delivery service in the sector.

Our client is committed to advancing sustainable and innovative farming practices by tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of UK farmers. This is achieved by providing fully integrated solutions to enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of farming operations.

The company’s Leadership team recently embarked on a strategic review of its operations and positioning in the market. The objective was to take a view on future agricultural challenges to ensure the very impressive success of the recent past is replicated or, preferably, enhanced in the future. This role, and potentially others in the future, is a result of this review which identified a greater need for commercial and leadership acumen at regional level.

This really is a great company and a great role!

If you would like further information about this role or would simply like an informal and confidential chat about your career in general, then please contact me using the contact details below.

J Scott Shearer | Managing Partner

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